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Personal Branding Services

Build a Personal Brand that is as authentic as you! 

Personal Branding
For Entrepreneurs and Founders

Building a unique personal brand has become increasingly important for entrepreneurs, start-up founders, senior professionals, freelancers, and anyone looking to stand out.


If you are starting off and are clueless, or even if you have clarity and want to take your existing personal brand to the next level, it always helps to have experts in your corner. 

Building a brand, personal or otherwise, is about authenticity, honesty, and consistency. Our team can help align all three, to build a brand that is intrinsically strong. From identifying the core value proposition; to connecting it with authentic experiences and stories; to building a consistent program and framework that communicates it clearly...We handhold you through it all! 

A personal brand goes beyond just the person...

Yes, a personal brand is about the person. But by building the brand image of the individual, the business and organization also benefit tremendously. 

Business is about people. A strong personal brand has a direct rub-off on the image of the business and how it is perceived - Thought leader, Fun, Enterprising, Research-oriented etc. 

People want to work with the brightest and the best. By displaying an authentic image of yourself and your work, you can attract the right talent to work with you. 

An organization is a sum of its many stories. When you tell stories of yourself and your organization, you are inevitably contributing to a strong employer brand. 

There are many more ways how a strong personal brand can benefit your business. 

Our Approach

We keep you and your core values at the centre of our personal branding strategy. 
Personal Branding Services

Finding Brand 'YOU'.

We help you answer your ‘why’, map your core values, and objectives to define your unique brand.


Personal Branding Services

Building the reach.

We identify the right people and channels to connect with and help build your community


Personal Branding Services


We draft your story and optimize your social profiles to represent your personal brand.

Creating the Brand. 

Personal Branding Services

Projecting the Brand.

Well-thought content strategy and execution to help you bring closer to your community through content.


Why choose us?


We dive deep.

Find out your core personality and project it better through relatable stories and messages. A dedicated team to build and manage your personal brand consistently across platforms. 


We are process driven and professional.

Structured approach with a regular assessment of the personal branding strategy to maximize the use of available resources.


The complete solution.

We offer a unique mix of personal branding expertise, social media, content, and page management.


A blend of expertise.

We are experts in branding, content marketing, and strategic communications.

"The structured process that they followed helped me define my core values and goals. I really appreciate the constant nudges to ensure that my personal brand resonates with who I am. Now, with the online and virtual world merging, I have seen the value of having a team like this on your side.” 

Shahid Memon, Co-founder, Unbox Robotics

Meet The Team

Shweta Ojha

Shweta is an Adventure enthusiast, Strategist, Coach, Mentor, and Consultant, rolled into one. She gently nudges you to see a point of view that may be right in front of you but may not be visible to you. 

Personal Branding Expert

Shweta Ojha.jpeg

Shweta Ojha

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