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What is The Content Collective?


The Content Collective (TCC) is a community of individual content creators (writers, videographers, designers, and, anyone with an appreciation for content) who understand that it takes meticulous planning, attention to detail, and an immense passion to create great content. 

The sole purpose of the community is 'To improve the content ecosystem'. We do this by creating a space for content creators to interact, learn and share.

Our community stays connected through:

  • Monthly Meet-Up

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Updates on Social Channels

Members of the TCC, learn, support, and build real connections with each other. They leverage complementary skills to find ways to collectively improve the quality of not just the content they create, but also the value of the creators. 

As the old adage goes, 'Content is King' or 'Queen', and so, this community gives the 'King/Queenmakers' the due respect and credit they deserve. 

There are a few simple rules we follow:

  • Listen first - This is absolutely at the core of the collective. We learn so much when we truly listen to each other. It builds trust, overcomes differences, and helps us really connect. 

  • Help and Support Others - By helping another, you start to look beyond yourself, and realise that you have something to share. Of course, you can also lean on others in the community when you need help.

  • Be Real - This is about being ourselves and being human. The community is about real people making real connections. 

Think of The Content Collective as a group of friends whom all share a similar passion, and come together to support each other. 


Why the need for a Collective?

The need for a collective came from a simple problem that we faced as a business.


We work with multiple content creators, each with their own superpower. We soon realised that all of them have a different understanding of content. Also they each have a unique way to look at the many nuances of the content they create.


The world changed in 2020. When work became remote. 

  • Content creators are almost always introverted. Many embraced the change. But, they still feel a need to interact with interesting and like-minded people. 

  • There is no space that is exclusive to content creators to discuss, learn and share experiences. 

  • When they need help, they don't always know where to go looking, even in a world that is so 'connected'. 

The Content Collective is our way to give back. It is about helping and supporting other content creators and also learning from them. It is about developing a deeper trust and understanding of each other's skills and capabilities.


We truly believe that together we are stronger and wiser. 


Why join The Content Collective?

Join the Collective if you:

  • Are a creative, sharp, and hardworking content creator (writer, designer, videographer).

  • Are looking to build a strong network to help you hone and nurture your own skills.

  • Want to find complementary skills to help you deliver on projects.

  • You want to help others improve their content skills.

Fill in the form. We will be in touch. 

What happens at The Content Collective?


Monthly Meet-Up: We host a monthly virtual call to discuss and share learnings from common experiences we have as content creators.

Monthly Newsletter: We share a newsletter once a month with all members to showcase articles that discuss key themes of interest around content creation. 

Social Channels: Our social channels on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Slack help members interact with each other and for us to get immediate feedback and inputs. 

Join The Content Collective:

To join The Content Collective please fill in your details. We will reach out to you. 




Want to know more about The Content Collective? Write to Join The Content Collective on Facebook.

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